Education & Training


Education and training is of the upmost importance when dealing with people and their families with dementia.


  • Provide training to all levels of employees.
  • Including housekeeping, administrative staff, and dining room servers.



  • Gain hands-on care skills for better outcomes for your clients.
  • We do daily and weekly training on days, evenings, and weekends.
  • We provide daily or weekly workshops and ongoing training.
  • We know Dementia changes frequently, and we want to keep everyone updated.
  • Gain a solid ability to help others achieve positive results.

Dementia care is no small undertaking. Those with dementia often require extra patience, understanding, and supportive measures. It’s essential to stay informed about the symptoms, stages, and treatments of dementia so you can provide the best possible care. Early detection is vital, as the sooner dementia is diagnosed, the sooner appropriate treatments can be implemented. As the disease progresses, more intensive care may be necessary. This may include assisting with everyday tasks like bathing, cooking, and housekeeping. It’s also important to provide emotional support, as those with dementia may become anxious or confused. This is especially true if they’re having difficulty remembering things or recognizing people. It’s essential to be patient and supportive and to take the time to explain things in a way they can understand. Taking regular walks, playing card games, or engaging in other activities can also help to protect their physical and mental health. With the proper care, those with dementia can stay healthy and happy for as long as possible.