Coaching and Consulting

Who Benefits from Coaching & Consulting in Dementia Care


Coaching and consulting by our staff are of the utmost importance. While we teach and consult with our students. They will learn how to coach others and consult to help solve problems. This could be with behaviors or daily care.


  • What is dementia, and how can you help?
  • We provide training in coaching and consulting, and staff is provided with a Certificate.
  • Contact us for information.


Do you have any of these feelings?


  • Feeling helpless when your efforts to help are met with resistance
  • Struggling to help others understand how they can offer better care
  • Feelings of uncertainty about how to advance your career or business


Get better care results and guide others to achieve the same

With PAC Certification, you gain the skills and confidence to help others succeed. Help improve lives by changing the culture of care, one mind at a time. Certifications help you improve care outcomes and earn recognition as a leader in your field


Who Benefits from Coaching & Consulting in Dementia Care?

  • Family caregivers and ‘pack leaders’
  • Nurses and nursing aids
  • Social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists
  • Family doctors, neurologists
  • Alzheimer’s/dementia coaches

Become a PAC Certified Independent Coach! Bring training out of the classroom and into practice! … Build the skills to assess whether your learners honestly believe in connecting with these families’ loved ones …