About Us

About Dementia Plus

Our team treats everyone with authenticity through the utmost genuine approaches. We care with the commitment to make meaningful and purposeful social interactions.

With these in mind, we hold autonomy and respect for dignity to the highest degree. We are here to help you learn and discover how to communicate through understanding the brain, how it works, and how to approach people in meaningful ways to minimalize stress to all stakeholders involved

Our Mission

We treat all families and family members with trust, care, consideration, and respect. We pride ourselves on the utmost regard for their dignity and self-esteem. We are here to help you learn and discover how to communicate with your loved ones at this challenging time and how they can communicate with you. Re-embrace their memories and make them their memories to live by.

Kerry Durant

Kerry has worked as a nurse for the past 35 years. She worked at the Ottawa hospital for 25 years winning the Premiers Award of Ontario in Health Sciences.


She then ventured off to study dementia and certified for a Coach and Consultant. Dementia Training Plus is what she loves. To make a difference to her patients and their families.